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Diet Copenhagen which is what you eat

Diet Copenhagen

u Diet Copenhagen - 13 days - is recommended primarily for people with strong will, ready to sacrifice it is designed specifically for those who enjoy good health and want a quick way to lose weight -. From 7 to to 20 in just two weeks -. Of course, it depends on the severity, beginning with diet / u
Such a diet is not a good choice for people suffering from high blood pressure or stomach problems .. In addition, his use should not be athletes or manual laborers. Diet Copenhagen is absolutely not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
u Copenhagen diet should last exactly 13 days, shortening or lengthening may bring the desired results unless: / u, especially not his use can be harmful and affect the functioning of the body.
u 13 Day Diet is to significantly reduce the daily ration of calories, low in vitamins and minerals. / u This is a low carbohydrate diet, which means that the menu is not not contain carbohydrates. For this reason, in its application may experience dizziness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, malaise, fatigue, irritability i
above negative effects may occur in the early days of the diet, as too sudden and very drastic change in diet is a shock to the body It is worth about 2 weeks before the start of the diet to prepare your body and reduce the number of meals -. then rapidly decrease did not deter them .. for further efforts in the fight against excess weight after a few days should give way to reveal uncomfortable
seafront important principle Copenhagen diet diet is to eat only three meals per day ie breakfast, lunch - lunch -. and dinner / u Breakfast most days is made up exclusively of black coffee - instant or from the machine -. . with the addition of one teaspoon of sugar in the morning, after waking to drink on an empty stomach so a cup of black coffee, which is to supply the body with the power lunch should be eaten no later than 14.00 hours and 18.00 for dinner - then you do not have anything to eat for the calorie content of meals should be within the range 500-900 kcal
most important products used in the Copenhagen diet are vegetables, fruits, eggs, lean meat .. and coffee. it is necessary to remove the salt and spices contain it.
u diet menu in Copenhagen one and should not be altered in any way. / u No need to use a table of calories and the glycemic index of the menu.
it is fixed as follows:
u Day 1:08 / u
Breakfast: cup / coffee cup with a spoon of sugar Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, a cup of cooked spinach, 1 tomato Dinner: Steak - about 20 grams - a few leaves of lettuce with oil and lemon / ul
u Day 2:09 / u
Breakfast: cup / coffee cup with a spoon of sugar lunch: beef steak - about 20 grams - a few leaves of lettuce with oil and lemon juice, fresh fruits - grapefruit or apple - Lunch: a big slice of lean ham, 2-3 cups plain yogurt / ul
u Day 3:10 / u
Breakfast: a glass / cup of coffee with spoon of sugar Lunch: a cup of cooked spinach, 1 tomato, fresh fruits - grapefruit or apple - Lunch: a big slice of dried ham, a few leaves of lettuce with oil and lemon, 2 hard boiled eggs / ul
u Day 4 and 11 / u
Breakfast: cup / coffee cup with a spoon of sugar
Lunch: 10 grams of low fat cottage cheese, grated 1 carrot, 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: fruit salad, natural yoghurt 2-3 cup
u Day 5:12 / u
Breakfast: 1 grated carrot with lemon Lunch:
much boiled or fried fish - trout or COD -
Lunch: steak - about 20 grams - slightly cooked broccoli florets, a few leaves of lettuce
u Day 6:13 / u
Breakfast: cup / coffee cup with a spoon of sugar, toast Lunch
: whole chicken - about 70 grams - a few leaves of lettuce with oil and lemon
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 grated carrot
u Day 7 / u u / u
Breakfast: a glass / cup of coffee without sugar
Lunch: lean piece of meat grilled lunch
: Ethnic
u not eat any product, except those that occur in food / u is outdated and in particular alcohol and products with high content carbohydrates, such as.:. white bread Vegetarians can eat meat instead of tofu, but it must be borne in mind if you take fat-burning formulas
u Copenhagen in the diet can replace lunch, dinner, but only in one day / u W.. To ensure a restful sleep, buy a decent mattress. Adjust the temperature in the room so that the colder than usual, but not too cold, summer Open windows at night and in winter, use humidifiers. Remember, heavy air and the smell in the apartment promote insomnia. Pour the seafront
thoughts on paper / u
get rid of their thoughts and write a list of things to come in your mind before falling asleep - so clear your mind. Focus on the list of all the things you have to do the next day, so you will not be thinking about them in the middle of the night, searching for the correct position for sleep.
u Take a hot bath / u
Thats not how long - at least 20 minutes -. and a warm bath before bedtime As you know, the heat raises the body temperature, which drops slowly when you go to sleep. To reduce stress, treat yourself to a bath of natural aromatherapy essential oils such as lavender, lemon and sandalwood - a bathtub full of water is used 10-15 drops of essential oils -. Such scented bath will give you maximum relaxation and will plunge into a deep sleep.
u eat sensibly / u
sleep problems may be related to poor diet. So do not eat heavy meals and lavish bedtime - dinner at least 2-3 hours before bed - but not when you lie down in my stomach growl. You can afford a light snack in the form of toast with butter. With this comes a cup of hot milk or cocoa - soothe, calm and facilitate sleep.
seafront drink herb / u
calms the mind, before going to bed to drink herbal teas such as Melissa
- soothes and calms the nerves,
Hawthorn - by nervous tension, improves blood flow and pressure in the veins;
martyrs - eliminates problems with sleep - sleep easier and generally improves sleep -. If
herb does not help, consult your family doctor about the sedative tablets.
u not exercise before bed / u
If you belong to a group of people who are very busy night and the only chance to do that a little knowledge of important principles:
practice two hours earlier after ate his last meal, exercise for at least two hours before bedtime. / Ul
time sports, the body releases endorphins that stimulate you to action. So, if youve got energy, youll have trouble sleeping.
Consider getting up early in the morning and devote at least half an hour of training - some exercise, running around, etc. - will get the desire to work and a good mood all day.
u Avoid naps during the day / u
more tired youll be in the evening, the faster you will structure down to sleep. But if you allow yourself to take a nap in the afternoon, you will definitely be harder to fall asleep. In moments of fatigue, go do something useful - clean house, get a dog for a walk, talk with friends - nothing to do but dream.
u bedtime: / u
not drink coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine, read a relaxing, romantic books, do not watch horror movies - select movies and lightweight - I think pleasant things - apparently very calm quiet water view, for example, river or waterfall and blue sky -. / Ul
u If none of the above help, see your doctor.

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