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What is the serological conflict?

The Incompatibility of serological conflict in Rh factor

incompatibility in the Rh factor - Rh-women with a partner who is Rh + Group -. Threaten serological conflict, which can cause hemolytic disease of fetus
If the fetus is developing in the mother group inherit the fathers Rh-Rh antigen - who is Rh-plus - in the case of leakage of fetal blood in pregnancy or childbirth for the mother, there is sensitization of fetal blood cells of pregnant mothers immune system produces antibodies directed against anti-Rh-fetal blood cells
threat .. serological conflict can very significantly reduce the giving anti D immunoglobulin
serological conflicts can also arise in the main groups A, B, and AB antigens Kell, Duffy, Kid. They are, however, is much less and does not constitute such a threat

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> What is the serological conflict?

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