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How to refresh dry gel eyeliner

In order to refresh the dry gel eyeliner Gel Eyeliner is a great way to highlight the range of eye

Gel Eyeliner is a great way to perfectly accentuate your eyes, however, they have one drawback -. Incredibly fast drying if in a hurry to close the right section, eyeliner dries enough to use it as intended to be a miracle draw even When we put a pencil, you might want to minimize their contact with air -. for example, covering the container cap or turning it upside down -.? But what if it is already dry eyeliner Here are some ways to get it back - in life.
first way the immersion in hot water until gel compartment has a little melted. This method does not work if the boat is completely dry.
otherwise very similar to the first place. Heat in microwave eyeliner. start should be enough for 10 seconds on the authorities to usually use for reheating food. If gel will continue to drive, insert it in the microwave for another 10 seconds. eyeliner do not heat longer than one minute, unless you want it. given in addition to dinner
In severe cases, can do wonders Wkrop glycerin 3 drops of glycerin in the compartment with the eyeliner and -. not chucking it - put it in the microwave for 30 seconds after removing the eyeliner becomes the consistency of mousse and then. It should be well mixed with glycerine, for example, using a toothpick. treatment will help about 4 weeks. After this time you have it again.
last is the most practical, but requires clean oil at home, on your face. applicator dipped in oil first, then the eyeliner. see how easily even the most dry Gel keeps the applicator. After downloading the lines do not open the lid immediately. Wait a little dried-up eyeliner. only drawback of this method is that the diluted oil eyeliner that will not be as durable as the original. not bleed, however, only a few zbladnie the end of the day. If you do not have clean oil at home, you can replace it with glycerine. If possible, I recommend the first option, however.

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